Chernobyl photography

Chernobyl Photography Tour!

One day tour

Price for 1 person – 1000 UAH

Tour for experienced Stalkers

Price for 1 person – 2000 UAH

2 day tour

Price for 1 person – 1500 UAH

Tour “Earth + Air”

Price for 1 person – 3000 UAH

fotos de chernobyl

Technical information:

  • to participate in the tour, you must submit an application, notifying the full name, date of birth, series and number of the passport, citizenship (data necessary for obtaining an entry permit).
  • entry into the exclusion zone is allowed for persons who are 18 full years old.
  • entry into the exclusion zone is allowed for persons who do not have medical contraindications for traveling to the exclusion zone (i.e. healthy at the time of the trip, do not have serious illnesses).
  • to enter the exclusion zone, you must wear the most closed clothing (trousers, sweater / shirt with long sleeves) and closed shoes (preferably with thick soles). It is strictly forbidden to wear shorts, breeches, skirts and dresses, open shoes in the exclusion zone.
  • all participants of the tour will be briefed on compliance with the rules of radiation safety and an informational conversation regarding the rules of conduct in the exclusion zone.
  • We want to draw your attention to the fact that in this area there are many buildings in disrepair, so we visit some of the buildings.
chernobyl fotos reales

What to bring with you when traveling:

  • passport for passing the passport control of the exclusion zone.
  • umbrella in case of snow, rain.
  • replaceable comfortable clothes and shoes with high soles.
  • own personal derivative first aid kit.

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