About company

  • experience of excursions to the Chernobyl Zone since 1996 – after 10 years of the Chernobyl accident
  • personal experienceof the liquidation of the consequences of the Chernobyl accident, its scientific study and success in life after it, which we pass on to our tourists
  • research unit at the forefront of scientific knowledge about radiation, Chernobyl and modern environmental disasters
  • absolute radiation safety of tourists, based, among other things, on the results of our own research
  • training during excursions in the skills of survival in a radiation incident, which are necessary for every modern person
  • specially designed scenarios for all excursions, including thematic ones
  • CHORNOBYL PHOTO TOUR – a breathtaking view of the Zone from a bird’s eye view
  • individual programs for visiting the Zone commissioned by the most inquisitive tourists and the media
  • charitable assistance to self-settlers of the Chernobyl zone
  • the idea and project of creating the Chernobyl National Park to preserve the cultural, historical and natural wealth of the Zone, return them to reasonable human use, and give this territory the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
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